Many of our children already deal with one meal a day, no parents, reoccurring Malaria etc.  And yet after a few years of steady success, we are about to see our oldest students apply for University.  Meanwhile, at the one-room community center that’s housed our primary school, improvements in teaching meant we desperately needed real classrooms.
Our brand new building, shown above, has been recently completed.  We have opened the new school and children are attending class. However, we still need to pay back a loan of about $16,000. In other words, every dollar we raise will help keep the doors open, students learning, and the teachers teaching.
Help support our school with your donation. No amount is too small and 100 percent of the donation goes to paying back the loan of the school.

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Our first video gives you a glimpse of our humble beginnings where you will see our students demonstrating the English they are required to learn for higher education. You will hear about unexpected cultural leaps and see the limited facility of the community center we’ve taught in for 3.5 years.  Our next video walks you quickly through the progress we have made on the new school building. For more pictures, visit the facebook page below, which is an event that was dedicated to the school.

Our old school space using a limited facility but pressing on!

Our team of volunteers and villagers building the new school!