Empowering Young Leaders in Sierra Leone

to Achieve Sustainable Change in Their Communities

Educate. Empower. LOVE.

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About Us

Over the past eight years, Young Vision Africa has been providing education, employment, healthcare, and homes for youth, children and families in Sierra Leone. We seek to inspire and enable youth to lead their country.  We've seen amazing native progress in orphan empowerment, girls education and creating confidence through Arts Education.  Real development means self sufficiency, and the best kind of self sufficiency also comes with altruism.  Altruism requires character so a huge part of our long term work is strengthening character.  Suprisingly hope comes naturally to young Sierra Leoneons, but character there is as challenging as it is anywhere else in the world!


We are a faith based 501c3 Non Profit that believes God has called us to this work (we are essentially ecumenical with a Buddhist Vice President etc.).  We are committed to the long term growth of the Sierra Leoneons we work with, with the clear intention that the self interest of ourselves and our donors should in NO way impede that .   Jesus was CLEAR about reaching out to those in the most need (Mathew 25) and so many Americans are in a position to do that.  But outreach that goes farther than just charity/welfare is hard to find.  We definitely claim and strive towards that high calling and we believe that the young leaders of Sierra Leone are the ones who will really bring change to their country.  There are no shortcuts to this kind of work.

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A brighter future is possible.


From striking success at fighting Ebola and HIV, to introducing new forms of education, we've seen that with God's direction and a tiny bit of resources, we can bring about exciting change.   Improving health, creating literacy and confidence, enabling altruism and faith...these are seeds that we want to grow into a better future for Sierra Leone.

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What can you do to help?

Sponsor a child

Inspire a future leader

Sponsor a teacher!

About 100 children are learning English and other basics in an open air structure while we continue to fundraise for the school.

Mentor the young people in Sierra Leone to add character and love to their sponsorship with YVA.

For $100/month you could make a classroom of students work every day to stop illiteracy.  This is an amazing opportunity.


Help us change lives today...

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YoungVisionAfrica is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

100% of the donations are tax-deductible.



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